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The RolePages 10th Anniversary Marathon!!!

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Date(s) - 06/06/2019-06/10/2019
All Day

It has been ten years since RolePages started. Ten years of stories, ten years of characters, ten years of creativity conceived of by thousands of incredible writers. And now it is time to celebrate that with our longest marathon event ever. The RolePages 10th-anniversary marathon will be 100 hours long!!!

This will be a continuous 4 day, 100 hour interactive writing event, with DM’s telling an unfolding story that will span the bounds of time and space. There will be mysteries, battles, horrors, and wonders beyond belief, and in the end, the world of Hellifyno will be changed forever.

Join us as we celebrate a decade of stories by writing till we drop, and help to decide the fate of the world as we begin a new chapter in the shared tale that is RolePages.

Start Time: Thursday, June 6th 5 PM EST.
End Time: Monday, June 10th (The actual anniversary date) 9 PM EST.

The marathon will be taking place in the RolePages chat rooms and will be coordinated and directed by the Narrator. You do not need any previous knowledge or experience to join, although it will help, and if you have to jump in late we’ll be happy to get you caught up in the OOC chat or by pointing you to ongoing blogs and summaries that will be created throughout.

Ten years is an amazing landmark. Let’s celebrate it the way it deserves to be celebrated. By telling the best damn stories in the world. Together!!!!

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    Can’t wait

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