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The RolePages 12th Anniversary Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Date(s) - 06/10/2021-06/13/2021
All Day

RolePages is turning 12 years old. Those of you who remember the old days feel old. Those of you who are new feel like babies. LET’S CELEBRATE!!!

We’re going to have a marathon event that will span over the course of the evening of June 10th (the anniversary day!) and June 13th (The climactic conclusion!)

We’ve done these almost every year and they are epic, story building, world-building, and lore building events that can change the course of events for everyone! Great artifacts can be gained, glory can be earned, and some will not make it… But some may become kings and gods

This marathon event will be immersive in that it will involve all areas of the site. All of the chats will be heavily affected, with a location being made available to those that want to opt-out. We will also be using the blogs and possibly the comments, forums, and even character-to-character play.


The details of this event are sealed to all but a select few individuals. But we are recruiting DM’s and character players, as well as other roles such as DJ, concierge, and temp OOC Lord. A small meeting will be planned soon to get people involved. Stay tuned to the events board for that.


The RolePages 12th Anniversary Marathon is coming!!!

  1. Scarlett Slayter 2 months ago

    If you’re new to the site, or a veteran, or just wanna try out a new character, this is the event for you! Everyone gets a moment in the spotlight! You won’t wanna miss it!

  2. I fucking love this site. I’m here for like two years, one sixth of the site’s lifespan, but damn I love it so so much.

    Yall are an amazing community.


  3. Can someone tell me why I can’t get back into the chat?

  4. Malcom Bane 2 weeks ago

    I would love to participate in a character way but also a DM way if possible…not sure what the other roles are, but I’m interested if you’re still looking. Tried to be more involved one time with a character…let’s just say I’m trying again.

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