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The Song of Stars and Flame – A RolePages Story

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Date(s) - 02/25/2019-03/31/2019
All Day

It’s time for the next RolePages Main Story Arc to take place! This will be an umbrella event that will last several weeks, with multiple scheduled and unscheduled live chat and blogging events taking place throughout. Each of these will contribute to the larger story, as well as the canon lore of RolePages and the history of Hellifyno.

Events are open to anyone, and summaries/news articles will be posted regularly so that you can get up to speed and jump in on the action, even if you missed earlier happenings. The location (specific chat room, forum, or blogs) of all events will be posted on the individual events, and you can also keep up to date with everything by joining the OOC Chat.

While the start date for this story arc is Monday, February 25th, we do not have everything planned yet, and major plot developments will be influenced by the player’s actions and decisions. As such we do not have a set end date for this story arc, and this event listing will be updated as things become more clear.

Get ready for excitement, dangers, and cataclysmic changes the likes of which no world has ever seen! Join us, as we delve into, The Song of Stars and Flame: A RolePages Story.

  1. Fox tales 6 months ago

    aargh I shall go,help humans.

  2. Jen 6 months ago

    Jen will be there, any chance to use her swords she will take.

  3. Brandon were tiger 6 months ago

    How do I join?

  4. Tyler will be back for the arc, still protecting his planet as he always has, with a new squad to back him up.

  5. taku 6 months ago

    takus in

  6. G o d z i l l a 6 months ago

    The King shall be there…
    He always will

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