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The Song of Stars and Flame: Part Five – When the Debt is Paid

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Date(s) - 03/29/2019
9:00 pm-11:30 pm

It began, when the city of Olde Watch fired a missile at Planet IX, causing a piece of it to break off and hurtle through space, smashing into Hellifyno proper and unleashing limitless hordes of Void Zombies.

Then, Gaia, in her mercy, raised a champion from the past to confront these beings. The Scion, Anthem Kishimoto, was brought back from death and imbued with the Light of Life, allowing her to destroy the Void Zombie invaders.

But the war was not over. Olde Watch was still a threat. And even as talks of peace were raised, the rogue city-state began to stretch out across the stars, laying claim to land and resources on every planet.

A plan was formed, a battle launched, the united leaders of Hellifyno bring the full might of their star fleet to bear upon the outposts of Olde Watch. But this failed… as the brilliance of Commander Krieger and the resilience of Olde Watch’s soldiers proved too much for the united might of the magicals.

And now, the next chapter in The Song of Stars and Flames begins. Will Olde Watch be defeated? Will Hellifyno sue for peace, or struggle through war? And what will be the fate of the many empires starting to rise among the stars? Join us, and find out.


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