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The temples of shattered dreamscapes: Cries of smoke and oil.

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Date(s) - 11/17/2018-11/18/2018
7:00 pm-3:00 am

19.00 – 3.00 London time. Location: Otherverse.

“Cough out the vile paint, Reginald, what do you see?” In a flat, located in Consequence lies a tortured artist, unable to peace his mind together. Trough the walls the malevolence is seeping, cursing the nearby inhabitants with fiendish nightmares and night terrors. The crime levels are rising. Many residents are committing murders. Detective Marvin Steelbound is on the case, but so far, the situation is just getting hairier and hairier.

For the best interests of the citizens and safety, the man will conduct an investigation at the point, that seems to be located in the epicenter of the strange phenomenon. What is causing the citizens to scream at nights in terror? What is making the drug market flow so well? What is that rests within the building of the lone cobblestone street?

(A pick your own route Dungeon crawler. Possible character traumas and mutilations. No character death, unless wished so by the player. Graphic details and dark subjects, viewer discretion is advised. Possible rewards and character development actions. To learn more about the expected style of the event in the link below. Once the event is one hour in, PM for joining.)

The temples of shattered dreamscapes: Whispers of poison and ice. SUMMARY!


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