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The temples of shattered dreamscapes: Lullaby of water and wind.

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Date(s) - 12/15/2018-12/16/2018
7:00 pm-3:00 am

The temples of shattered dreamscapes:
Lullaby of water and wind.

19.00 – 5.00 London time. Location: Otherverse

“Maria. Listen i need you to do exactly as I say!” Cracking ice, whispering songs of snowflakes, bristling against morning gown. “It is cold!” “Don’t worry, we will…” Blue. The skies are sou beautifully blue! Darker. Darker. Lost. “Maria! My beloved Maria!” Betrayal. Rule! Order! Justification? Following. Promise. Prophecy. God!

Edgar Wirdsterben was just a man in the lone fishing village un the northern most part of Hellifyno. Yet he came all this way to Consequence to spread the word. His village needed help. Something was making the villagers sick. Common cold was killing children. Their stocks were rotting. “Please! We will give you anything! Anything! Just come. Help us. Save us! For have mercy on my soul, God has forsaken us!”

A pick your own adventure dungeon crawler with puzzles, adrenaline inducing action scenes, secrets to reveal, rewards to reap, and most of all, high potential of character growth. Could this be another call of the nameless one? Could this answer to some questions? One is for sure – explicit gore and violence, as well as dark themes. Player discretion is advised. Possible mental and physical trauma to characters. Character death excluded, unless requested by the player.

The event is open for every one to join, one hour after it’s beginning. After that, PM me to join!

To see the lore and more information on how the event might go, here are examples from previous events:

The temples of shattered dreamscapes: Cries of smoke and oil. SUMMARY!

The temples of shattered dreamscapes: Whispers of poison and ice. SUMMARY!

To get automatic updates on how the dreamscape events go, and get a say, in what you wish to participate in the future, join here!

If any questions, feel free to ask me: Nakhtrendsensesenaidairiaphos Furf’fonnyalwaldalsonsonmesis

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  1. MAKIKO 1 year ago

    Hello may i join

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