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The Temples of Shattered Dreamscapes: Utterances of Light and Shadow.

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Date(s) - 01/19/2019-01/20/2019
7:00 pm-3:00 am

The Temples of Shattered Dreamscapes:

Utterances of Light and Shadow.

19.00 – 3.00 London Time. Location: Otherverse.


“How long has it been since we were trapped in this godforsaken cave system? Seem like anywhere we go, we are unable to get outside. I hear whispers coming from the stone walls. Are we going insane? John is already mumbling to himself. I have sent a dove towards the nearest post office, that it may recognize with the message. May the gods be with us. May we survive before help arrives.” A Diary states.

A team of Cave dwellers, in seek of a new depository of precious metals, has been trapped inside a cavern system. The air is running low. The light source is limited. Soon they will be engulfed by the shadows. And god only knows what will happen once the lights go out.

The united postal services have laid out posters, in hopes to help these gold diggers, and pacify whatever that is, what led them there in the first place. With a drawn Pidgeon, to commemorate the little creature, this is written: “Heroes, Mercenaries and sell swords.  A reward of 1000 coins, is presented for a team, that will be brave enough to seek out and see what has been happening in the Rootstone Cave of the Southern Continent. Be advised, that the wildlife there is particularly unpredictable, and that the caves themselves could hold danger.”

To see the plausible nature, and evolution of the events, as well as problems, that will be tackled, do check out the previous summaries:
Lullaby of Water and Wind;
Cries of Smoke and Oil;
Whispers of Poison and Ice.

A classic dungeon crawler, including multiple choices, based on experiences from the previous events. Gore and violence is plausible, reader discretion advised. No character deaths planned, unless asked otherwise. Trauma and scars possible. Turn based event, please wait for others to finish, if AFK, state so in the PM so that others can be informed. Puzzles and mild combat involved, be advised. The event is free to join 1 hour once the event starts, later ask the DM in PM to join.

Remember to see if the players you interact with react. The location and state of their character will be primarily based on their text.

If any further questions arise, do ask me: Nakhtrendsensesenaidairiaphos Furf’fonnyalwaldalsonsonmesis.

Happy dwelling.





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