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Paroxysm – Realm of Nightmares Made Flesh (UPDATED SCHEDULE)

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Date(s) - 10/01/2018-10/17/2018
All Day

Magicia has snapped, and the isle of Paracosm has been warped to reflect her mind’s state. A barrier has been erected to contain the nightmares that are becoming reality there. However, whenever a hero enters the barrier, their body is left behind and their soul becomes trapped. Only by taking enough damage to ‘die’ can their soul be freed and returned to their body. However, this allows the nightmares haunting them to follow them outside the barrier.

The heroes have a choice. Will they try to avoid the nightmares as best as they can as they slowly infect Hellifyno? Or will they face their fears and enter the isle to try to find a way to end this terror and calm the queen?

All through the month of October, join us and try to find an end to the madness. But be warned, your worst fears are waiting for you, and only by saving the queen can you stop them.


–Update!– Due to schedule conflicts for Magicia and Fwufikins, we are wrapping up the event month sooner than previously planned. This means we may not be able to use all of our ideas, and the heroes will have less time to calm Magicia in hopes of saving Hellifyno from being engulfed by the nightmare. We apologize for having to cut things short.


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