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Thyme to Find Out: A Summer Solstice Ceremony

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Date(s) - 06/21/2019-06/23/2019
8:00 pm-11:30 pm

The RolePages 10th Anniversary Marathon event just took place, and one of the great changes that occurred is that a new island, a new continent, emerged upon the planet. This is a place of Thyme, much like Twine is a place of space, and the implications of this new realm are not widely understood. Join us as we explore this new realm, delve into the secrets of time travel, and find out what it can mean for your characters, and our collective Lore.

Location: Thyme Chat – Will be open for the event
Time: 8:00mPM EST-Midnight Friday Night
Note: This will be a series of events and occurrences run by various people throughout the weekend. It is not a marathon, just people hopping on to play in this new realm as they are available. But the main storytelling event that is important to the plot will follow the times above.

  1. Author
    Narrator 5 months ago

    Please do, we have an IC D&D session going right now.

  2. Artemis 5 months ago

    Could I join?

  3. Hudson Noemmi 5 months ago

    Sounds like fun.

  4. æ Elijah Dawnshard æ 5 months ago

    I have work that night but I could hop on till I have to leave.

  5. Magicia the Nightmare Queen 5 months ago

    I’ll try to be there if I can <3

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