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Vernal Equinox at Altar City.

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Date(s) - 03/18/2019-03/25/2019
All Day

Vernal Equinox at Altar City.
Celebration of awakening.

Open event. Begins in March 18 at 0.01 London time, and ends in March 24 at 23.59 London time. Location – Altar City (Abandoned Altar) [The information will be updated, as the planning progresses]

The hanging village in southern continent is decorated with pastel toned paper lanterns. The blooming flowers fill the small passage ways and bridges up in the trees with overwhelming scent. Here, people are celebrating the awakening of the sun!

As the city is filled with many religions and beliefs, a walk in the hanging village will show the most exotic means of tradition. Kabuki shows, masked parades, games, cuisine, but most importantly, it is now allowed to eat imported meat for this week. Celebrating this, grand delicious foods are made. However hunting is still forbidden.

The main temple is also decorated with flags and long silk linings, that go across the sky, connecting to the hanging village. At this time animals, including dragons, decide to walk among men, quite possibly because their sacred status allows them to gain free meals from the villagers.

At this time certain kin of the main temple may walk among, possibly helping those, who may be a little bit too overwhelmed and lost in this colorful location.

This event is purely environmental, and does not entail much of pre-based plot, apart from what the DMs have decided to act out at the given moment. The rules of DMs still stand, thus be careful with decision making.

It is tied to the Abandoned Altar location, and does not affect other locations. Other events can be made atop of it. To involve the location in an event while the festival is happening, PM me.

So far this event’s DMs are:
Hasira Edvardas/Jemini Jindrich;
Lunar Slicion;
Nakhtrendsensesenaidairiaphos Furf’fonnyalwaldalsonsonmesis.

To learn more about the location, it’s religion and overall status and join the discussion, possibly shaping the place, click here.

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