I'd like to get some RP action with Chloe here. She is human, she is for modern RP, though I have no problems playing her with characters that are other 'species' in modern roleplay.

Chloe is a traveler, she moves through the states in her jeep and tiny house (yes, I said tiny house) and she will stop at cities that catch her interest. She is a stripper and will join a club to build up some money before moving on again. So maybe your character and her have a history, maybe she can run into your character. I'm pretty open to anything.

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I'm open to a modern RP. My character is a half orc and typically in fantasy worlds like DnD and WoW but I can improvise him to doing a modern roleplay if you wanna plot something.

He is also a traveler and loves his women, pretty much makes money however he can either by labor or by questing or being a debt collector etc etc.

What kind of conflict or predicament were you looking to get into?

So you're pretty open to anything?

How about my world? Where there is darkness beyond imagination, where I devour gods, where the very darkness begins and dances like black flames at my feet, where that all light dies and hung! It is my face that is the grave of death itself. Where there are black suns in my sky and there is evil that even abyss can not contain, where darkness is my possession and I am its obsession... where my black-red eyes reaps the the very souls of anything? Call the shadows if you have darkness in that heart of yours!

(Radu is used to live in many different places and times... and he could be glad the intract in your framework... in case let me know)

Hay im a dragon half human girl and my mom and dad were haunted down and killed im haunting those who killed my mom and dad so I would love to be in

I'm totally new here and am a woman. Not sure if that's what you seek. Let me know


I have a few chars on my profile, feel free to look at them if you wish to RP. Or I can just pick a random one and can RP, and see what happens XD.

Greetings, I am reaper and I am interested in collaborating with you,reaper is as you guessed a reaper and he has a temple dedicated to him and perhaps he could meet you,he is trying to make more friends,and being a reaper he is a very good friend to have,message me if you wish,or don't your call 

Signed, reaper

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