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      I’ve been here a while but basically I’m looking to duel characters or go on an adventure with said characters, be it looking for an item or just anything really.

      For writing in general do make sure to write more then two to three lines though it would be excusable if you can’t, besides that keep it PG but gore is fine similarly language too (though don’t overuse it, you know, to keep it fresh) hopefully you get what I mean, if not just ask to make sure or otherwise.

      And lastly I would prefer if the RP had some character development, but we can talk about changing that if you want.

      Contact me through chat PMS or profile private messaging we can talk details then.

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      If you’re still looking for Adventure and Action RP I’m interested.  I have Senja Kiba and Davien Lockeharst characters that I use here both are set and suited for such RP.  If you’re still looking let me know.

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