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    roleplaying armies

    Tables are set up throughout the city, with recruiters calling out to any who pass by. In the poorer parts of town these are simple affairs, boxes with men and women to man them. But in the more affluent areas, the displays are elaborate, with holographic images of glorious combat and victory floating high overhead, as patriotic music blares in the background.

    “Uncle Ar’Elis wants you! That’s right, the Ar’Elian military is now open for recruits at all levels of service, from the lowliest grunt, to the most powerful independent generals. Whatever your interest and level of experience, we will be happy to have your service!”

    “For those looking for a simple soldiers life, we have positions open for scouts, skirmishers, berserkers, artillery professionals (both cannon and magic), phalanx fighters, archers, and sharpshooters. You can serve part time,full time, or in the reserves, and we don’t even care if you live in the city, as long as you come when called.”

    “Compensation includes standard pay plus hazard, with full looting rights, and bonuses in the form of enchanted arms, armor, and devices. Further payments can be negotiated on a case by case basis.”

    “Those with more military experience,or who can field their own armies, are encouraged to either enlist, or work on retainer as independent mercenary armies. Our coffers are full and we’re happy to pay you, and your troops, and reward you richly for your service. At the same time you will maintain independent rights over your troops movements, deployment, and tactics. As long as you fight,and win.”

    (OOC: This is a thread for anyone looking to get involved in the military of Ar’Elis. Your service can be very flexible, and you can choose your level of commitment, your rank, and even your pay. Within reason of course. Soldiers and army leaders will be tasked with defending the city from raiders, enemy tribes, and outside armies. They will also have the ability to play a role in the city’s internal politics, though that may be frowned upon. Just post below to let us know what you are bringing to the military table.)

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    My name is Sugar Giggleblossom (Real name Queen Moonstar). Moon fairy warrior. I want to join the army.

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      The gruff, pig faced sargeant stares at the fairy for a moment, then spits. “What’s your specialty? Magic? Combat? Math? Tech? Can you work a dragon, or a tank? Do you know how to operate mech armor, or wield a magic wand? Have you been trained in hand to hand combat? Stealth? Command? Artillery?”

      He steps around her, evaluating, then stops directly in front of Sugar. “What do you want out of this creatures army? What do you want to become for Ar’Elis?”

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      I can do combat, magic, and I can work with dragons.

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      The pig faced orc snaps his baton against the desk and steps to attention. “Very well! You have been assigned as Commander of the first dragon wing scouts. Your job will be to command a wing of flyers and act as reconnaissance, scouting out enemy positions, watching over the city, and alerting us to any dangers that approach from any direction.”

      As he speaks a squad of 12 dragons, each a different color of the rainbow, step forward, all mounted by warriors, elves,  hobbits, humans, and angels, dressed in armor and equipped with bows and spears and wands.

      A thirteenth dragon approaches and bows low, its saddle empty and available for Giggleblossom to occupy.

      “These warriors are at your command, and you are under the command of General Keldav Vossler. You take your orders from him. Understand? Now, to the keep. You’ll find armor, weapons, and gear for your mount there. The barracks will have sleeping quarters if you wish, though you may come and go as you please, as long as you return when the horn of need is sounded. Good luck.”

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    Having traveled to this new area to discover more of the world, the girl came across the shouting recruiters seated at many tables, taking an interest in the message they were giving. Military recruitment was never something that crossed her mind, nor had she ever taken an interest in, but the chance to kill and make more use of her abilities sounded too good to pass up.

    Ashra eagerly went up to one of the tables, signing her name with a smile. Looking at her at first glance, no one would think she had any experience to fight, much less defend herself. The only clothes she wore were a plain dark orange shirt and a pair of tattered blue jeans. In truth, she did not look to be fit for military combat.

    Then again, looks are usually deceiving.

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    As a female I wasn’t taken serious so I covered my face and had powers most people didn’t have. Everything for me was a breeze and many people have sacrificed things I would never ask for but when I heard this I was all over it. When I entered the town I immediately went to see tables everywhere and someone tapped my shoulder.

    ”Who are you” The voice was a man.

    ”I’ve heard about a army request!” I stand my ground being firm.

    I just wanted to smack the life out of him but i knew it would blow my cover. He nodded and I sat at a table and people didn’t notice I sat. I close my eyes and think about my life and I stand up and take my helmet off. I didn’t realize what I did till I had already done it.

    There were whispers, “A girl can’t fight! They’re too weak!”

    I looked that person right in the eye and said, “Have you heard of the Irene Hunter? Cause you’re looking that person right in the eye!”

    My voice was harsh to her and I put my helmet on and sat back down and ignored everyone unless it was important.

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