Book 5: Heroes out of time

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    “No matter if I fall today, ran through with a sword and my body rot away on the battlefield. My spirit will live on, in service to you my king, and to our glorious land! Huzzah!” The wizard stated to his teacher and master, Grandmaster Hikitori; head of the Clocktower Association. “What if,” the student pressed on, “we take this statement as true. What if we could somehow channel the spirits of Heroes and materialized them. Think of the power, the knowledge we could gleam from warriors and sorcerers of old!”

    Of course the idea took off, and the mages and spell casters of the Clocktower dedicated their time and resources to crafting the Class Cards. Stone tablets the size of large playing cards, 9 items depicting 9 different classes of heroes.
    Class Cards

    Rider (These three are more than likely to summon a knight.)

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