(Aeriel Story Arc) Finite Wars Character Roleplay Request (Open RP)

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    Story Arch (0): Aeriel Dreemurr

    Looking for a literate character of ANY kind to rp with All genres accepted.

    ((See Wiki For More Info On This Series.))

    Roleplay Details And What To Expect/What I Want In The Roleplay

    1- Will do ANY kind of genre/type.

    2- Will Roleplay with any Character from any series or genre.

    3- Crossovers welcome and encouraged.

    4- Smut must not be forced, must be built up for Romantic/Sexual rps.

    5- Death for Aeriel is possible, although it will be very unlikely due to her powers, but she can die, so permission to kill this character will be granted in immense combat if started off as such.

    6- Will use a bio sheet to show character’s abilities and moves for ocmbat related rps.

    7- Character will evolve to the player’s actions and choices when speaking or interacting with them, becoming smarter or more aware of presence/relationship with that character.

    8- Can do up to 10 paras if needed, will adapt to player’s choice of writing and forms of Roleplay type. As long as you can spell good, will accept any kind of length.

    9- Will Use pictures (Hand-Drawn with Pencil/Paper or Google Sketchpad 4.0 to express herself in certain situations of the rp when an epic scene is reached.

    And finally..

    10- Don’t troll this account or try to hack my character, and I encourage you to it least try your best to roleplay and have fun, instead of being so serious and edgy. Up to you how this rp will go, but in all seriousness, have fun with it. 🙂



    Info updated recently so please pm me for details.

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