D&dish adventuring party, newb-ish here, 2 or 3 needed

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    Hi. Brand new to this site, the layout somewhat confuses me. Was thinking something like a classic adventuring party in nd but with no focus on numbercrunching and dice rolling. I’d like less rules and mechanics than dnd and more focus on actual rp and adventuring. Anyways, yeah. Please reply, send me a message and I hope one of you will be nice enough to show me the way around, perhaps co-dm as I’m still figuring out how the heck chat works but will hopefully find the jist of it once we start chatting about it.

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    Hi! I’m new here, so I can’t help much, but I would like to participate in your d&d style roleplay if you let me! I’ll need some guiding tho, but I support new DMS, so message me!


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