Females needed for long term rp's

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    Hi. My name is mr xenomorph. Im in desperate need for female partners for my rp’s. My only 2 requirements are that your. 18yrs in rl. And that you reply often.

    Most of my rp’s have mature plots. They are also long term rp’s so you can expect one that might go on for several years.

    If you are a busy person and have a rl schedule that you have to adibe by then let me know and we can work with it. (As a college student i know exactly how it feels)

    Thanks in advance

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    Yup am 18 .depends on your character as you don’t have a,picture up or descriptive about him is he from aliens .

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    This isnt a character. This has been my internet name forever. Yey the xenomorph part came from aliens but i dont rp as one

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    Depends on ur character my girl is a wish demon from hell but lives in modern day she has danny t face claim .

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    but she has a main cannon parnter already she does action thriller horror suspence in her story lines only 

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    Oh…well i don’t think that will work

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    sorry thats all the story lines sd does as action thriller suspence horror fiction with all her storys seeyer .

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