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      Im looking for some combat faced paced preferably  and if possible plus it could as ridiculous and comedic as possible or the other way around though ill slide some humour at times even if it is serious the power of this character will match the challenger to be fair the location how it happens and all that jazz will be discussed but here’s what would be consistent is the fact that what Arbretrarious can and cant do will change from fight to fight hopefully to get some of ye writers thinking and to add to that no deus ex machina if your character has multiple forms tell me! so i can in turn counter your character transformation with mine plus if you win just by getting a power up then there is no fun oh! yes and most importantly have fun! that’s the point of the fight in the first place.

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      Ya know what, I think Randall is due for a little scuffle. Would love to exchange some words whenever you’re free!

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