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Girl from my Dreams


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      I’ve dreamt of a girl. Eluding my grasp every time I get close.


      The first time I saw her..

      I walk by her in a crowded place. Our eyes lock and my heart drops. How can one get such a feeling with only a glance.

      Her smile broke something in me, something I can’t place. She left the feeling of longing. Longing to know her, hear her voice, touch her.

      Thoughts of her consumed my mind. Wondering if I’d ever see her again. As fate would have it. It wasn’t…


      +Hey guys, I’m Remy. I’ve really had these dreams but never met the woman from them of course. I’m looking for someone to fill this character. Maybe have it turn into a game of cat and mouse, or even have it be two people taking over the world one city at a time. Or both. Message me if you have any ideas or want to discuss upon it some more. I just was a casual partner. I can’t be on all the time so replies will have some days in between.+

      Thank you for your time!

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      hi im Bella and your profile and story idea sounds interesting to me

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      Hi , im hannah. Your idea seems interesting and pretty cool.

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