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    Fantasy Government

    “This meeting is hereby convened to determine the government, statues, and provisions, for the rule and administration of the city of Ar’Elis”

    A gavel pounds the desk, and the assorted congregation begins to settle into their places. There are famous faces here, creatures of esteem and worth, wealthy, famous, titans of industry, and lords of sorcery. These are the greatest minds and souls of the people of Ar’Elis. And others. Some come from around the world, Persistence, Kili Toda, Consequence, Twine.

    All joining together to help in the formation of a new form of government for this beleaguered city.

    As the debate is joined, voices call out in favor of every conceivable form of government. Monarchy, republic, anarchy, socialist democracy. Every voice is heard, every thought is given respect and attention.

    Though that sometimes comes in the form of shouted protests, violence, or worse….

    But the forum remains open and the conversation continues.

    (OOC: If you’re interested in running for public office, or suggesting a form of government for the city of Ar’Elis, please feel free to do so IC here. You can join in as a new character that lives in the city, or as a visitor lending your thoughts to the conversation. You are also allowed to nominate yourself for roles, call for votes, or anything you like. Let’s have a fun, messy, mixed up time building some sort of authority system for this mixed up city state.)

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     BuTCher Of TwiNe ~FaE DM~ 

    *As a portal tears open at the door, the glowing, floating woman hovers and inch or two of the ground, dressed in white fabric, her medium length purple hair dancing around her softly, those glowing bi-colored eyes push the door open softly as she walks in. Foot steps silent as she moves, she stares ahead and speaks up, loud and clear and sweetly, her voice carries over the small chatter* Lend me your ears good people. We humbly ask to be the gods over this land. I am the mother of twine, my name is Kida Le Morte, and we wish to help re-establish this world, on one condition, you help us build an empire. You will have your own kings and queens and city. But we wish to be the helping hand in this land. Twine can offer goods and trade as well as military and other things of interest. I request we begin building soon. *as she speaks her words flow like music in the air, she turns to face the many variety of people in the great room. Arms open wide as she smiles* I wish to simply help regain the magnificent life this land has to offer. Will you please help me? *she grabs a chair and pulls it front and center, she makes eye contact with everyone as they whisper and glance between each other, as she moves a hand and a portal opens behind her, from within the swirling vortex a few ogres step out, then a few teddies and finally a large hand reaches out, as an enormous brown eye looks on to the crowd* not only do we have ogres and teddies we have giants as well, all of which have been saved by our land. We will add structure and protection to those that wish for it. We ask nothing in return, only civilization and a peace treaty… And if aid is needed, we ask you answer the call and help.… *a few people come back with questions as the woman answer each, skillfully and calmly, she did not wish to rule over two countries but this was merely a way to help rebuild. And restore. When the time came someone would be king or queen, but only if they were worthy in Kida’s eyes. A kind but stern ruler. Someone who would be a good fit for this land while still under the protection of the twine gods.


    She sat there, discussions rage on behind the closed door. Any who wished to argue her offer were welcome. She did not wish to completely tear down and rebuild like she did with twine. In her mind it was strictly political affairs. A country with no government or ruler is a failed country and that was bad for her and the island of Twine.. One day kida’s biggest hope is to unite all the countries. Hope was Twine’s motto in a way. “”We prevail through hope and strength.””” Twine would protect whoever it could. And teams from Twine would be trying to clean up this land the best that they could as well. For now she just continues though, to sit in front of these beings, hoping they make the correct choice. She could help…. And well, if they did not wish to accept the. She could cut off all links to this world… those thoughts she pushes away. That was her old way. To threaten… it almost reminded her of her mother. She just smiles softly. Hours passing by and she still sits. Determining terms and answering questions, taking notes of every concern if there was any…. She would be here a while, she sighed within her head. She adjusts and sits up straighter. These people haven’t had a ruler so it wouldn’t be unexpected if they rioted and fought about this, others how ever seemed to like the idea. They have heard the stories of Twines new gods and how much they helped. She looks to her group and smiles with a nod as they take their leave. She sits more and just waits.…*

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    I walk through the town and it seems like a ghost town. Where is everyone? I continue walking and notice a loud commotion come from a large building. I walk towards it and when I walk up to door and it goes flying. Everyone’s attention turns to me and someone speaks.

    ”Well look a new comer! Wheat do you think our government should be!”

    I think for a minute and say, “You need a queen and king but the child no matter gender will rule.”

    They all look between another and I don’t stay for the answer. I walk out and continue my journey of wandering.

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