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    ((Please say if reading! This is an AU Harry Potter roleplay where Voldemort has won, and the half bloods, muggle borns, and blood traitors were killed or forced into slavery. This is meant to have good story line, and can be clean or dirty. Cannon and OC’s are welcome, My intro holds the Canon Character ((Hermione Granger) and my OC character. You can choose who I shall roleplay as, I can even roleplay as both characters if you choose. We can make this interesting, A rebellion, or anything you may have in mind! Please let me know if you’re interested! I have Chatzy, Kik, and an email where we can continue if you like! Thank you!))


    Hermione stood overlooking the burning battlefield, It was over and Harry was gone. Voldemort had won, She was hiding as best she could as the death eaters roamed the field. She wept silently as she thought of all who would be lost, and those who were already gone. A shriek brought Hermione back to reality and she looked in the direction of the sound and saw the Raven haired RavenClaw being attacked by what looked like Draco Malfoy. “STUPEFY!” Hermione yelled, flicking her wand nailing him with ease. He hit the ground looking dazed and confused, the terrified girl ran to Hermione’s side. “Y-you saved my life.. Thank you!” Hermione waved her away and motioned silently that they needed to keep moving, They took off towards the whomping willow together, She cast the incantation, making it freeze for a few minutes so that they could make their way to the Shrieking Shack. Once they were there Hermione took a few minutes to regain her breathe. “Who are you?” She asked looking the girl over, Asides from a cut below her eye she seemed okay. The girl took a deep breath, “My name is Ember. I’m a sixth year Ravenclaw, Muggleborn.” She turned her almost luminescent green eyes to face her ally, “Draco was trying to take me back to the manor, for Merlin only knows what..” Hermione nodded, she had an idea what Draco wanted her for but would not speak on it. Before she had a chance to formulate a plan the door burst open, both girls turned terrified expressions to see who would step through as the smoke cleared..

    ((Pick a character and continue!! ?))

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