Hellifyno Representatives Needed!

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    The Hellifyno peace Summit is coming up, where all of the great powers of the planet Hellifyno will come together to discuss the future of our world. This is a meeting that effects everyone in any way involved in the main story arc, or Hellifyno itself.

    Representatives of every major city on Hellifyno will be welcome at this meeting, to air their grievances, stick up for their rights, and claim a place for their homelands in the greater world.

    But we need people to represent the various cities!

    Do you have a character that identifies as living in the city of Persistence? Or Consequence? Twine or Olde Watch? Ar’elis, or any of the cities of Hellifyno?

    Then you are welcome! Please, attend the summit as a representative of your home. You don’t need any official sanction, and it doesn’t mean you own the city. It is just a way to speak out on behalf of your characters home, and help make Hellifyno a more living, breathing world!

    Want to be a representative of a city that you are not a part of? Check out the map on the Main Story Arc page, and read up on the various locations and then feel free to jump in as a mage or scholar of Kili Toda, a nymph warrior of Thistlemere, a mutant of the Syballisk swamps or anyone else. We want this world to live, and that can only happen with you!

    So read up, get your character ready, then attend the Hellifyno Peace summit on 3/17 at 9pm est in the Ar’Elis chat room. At that time you can change your name to reflect your allegiance.

    ie: “Warriorname Lastnameson (Persistence)”

    If you have any questions message Narrtor or Dragon Teers through the chat or reply here. Good luck!

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