Hey anyone want to rp?

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    Anyone interested to role-play with my character? I rp in PMs, and I do at least one decent size paragraph but will do more each reply if that’s what you prefer. I usually like to talk about ideas and stuff before it gets going. And, I don’t mind doing the starter. So, if you want to, send me a friend request. Thanks.

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    (Sure! it’s been a while for me but I honestly want to pick this back up! I’m open to practically anything. But I will be honest you will have to kind of be the more dominant writer because it’s been so long for me. If you’re not interested don’t you worry I won’t take it to heart)

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      Hi Potato Girl. I am interested and I can be the dominant writer, no problem. I sent you a friend request so we can start talking about what sort of rp we want to do. I am open to anything also.

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    I’m up

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    I am interested!

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