I am bringing in Characters for Pulse

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      Here are some of the main characters that I need. Respond to me asap.

      Rosie: A brunette with bright green eyes. She needs to be mysterious and give off and uneasy vibe. She is one of Kalo’s friends that ends up turning on him. She usually dresses in bright, springy colors, and talks in a high-pitched, little kid voice. She is not good with kids, and is the one that killed Shinshong. Her weakness include running for long periods of time, and working with other people

      Shinshong: Kalo’s little brother. Needs to have white hair, and bright blue eyes. Ends up getting killed. He needs to have a optimistic personality, and always be open to new ideas. He has bright blue hair, and big orange eyes. He usually wears a all white wind breaker, a T-Shirt that has a paintbrush on it, blue jeans, and bright red sneakers. His weakness are puppy’s, kittens, and cake.

      Martina: A short, but thin girl. She gives off an pessimistic sort of vibe. She can only see the negative about situations. She has long straight dark brown hair, with thin, rectangular glasses, she usually wears a plain white collared shirt, knee-length jean shorts, gray socks that go to her a little under her knees, and yellow rain boots. She speaks in a groggy voice, and has a very flat tone, but uses complicated words.

      Matt: One of Kalo’s group of survivors, who just happens to be dating him as well. Matt has messy brown hair, and sea blue eyes. He has lots of freckles, and usually wears a black and gray stripped hoodie, with a lime green hood, a sea green tank top with a picture of green tea, a cerise red heart, and smiley face emoji all lined up and the words: Snack Time written in Japanese below it. He has white basketball shorts with a red stripe down the side, and he wears white tennis shoes. He is shy, but not afraid to say what he wants.

      Those are the characters i need right now, but after I get these, I’ll look for some more characters.



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      um, i changed shinshong’s appearance

      he now has red hair and brown eyes, and that’s really all.

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      I am assuming your looking for people to play these characters?

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