I got Banned LOL

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      Yes, just like the title there says. I got banned and I have no idea why, since I’ve never got a warning or anything. I guess the Admin have their reasons *shrugs* Who knows? XD. Anyways leaving that to the side for all those who want to Rp with me it will have to be through inbox or personal messages I guess?.

      Also I will make my own Story about Sun Wukong and Nezha on the blogs so yeah. Take care

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      Welcome to the Breakfast Club XD

      We are officially the bad guys *wiggles eyebrows*

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      bro im mad cunfuzzled

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      adn now the chat isnt loading

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      Because you are Banned just like me LOL

      Be honored not everyone can enter the breakfast club

      We need 2 girls and another dude XD

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      it just has the spinning it said i was banned then just started spinning i messaged Ezran

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      XD Dude, don’t keep trying they are going to ignore you.

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      ive been non perma banned before this isn’t what happens when you get banned and the fact that it happened to both of us is weird


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      no, is not they just banned us and that is it. Still, it is rather funny now I feel like I understand my character a little bit more XD

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      well i know why i was banned now hopefully its not perm if so that really sucks because i was starting to get better at rping…

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      i got banned for sending a picture of a guy on the rolepages youtube with makeup on saying the fae madness is spreading followed by this is a threat.

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      Well, if it is perm then is their loss, not yours.  and honestly, I do not know why I got banned but I just found it funny.

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      LOL,  that is kind of funny.

      But too bad that there is not a lot of Fae’s here.

      there, is a lot of Vampires and moody emo anime characters

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      yeah heres the image

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      LOL, the joke was good and the picture looks kind of crazy.  But I guess someone got offended or something for some reason

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      the admins have no sense of humor other than teersy teersy is a G

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      maybe if i donate 1000 dollars they’l unban me lmao

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      Welp in today’s times almost every joke is offensive. Imagine that many called Lion King a racist movie. The Fuck. That is why the Real live version was so crappy because they were trying not to be” racist.”

      My point is it doesn’t matter what you do today. someone in some way is going to find it offensive.

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      Dawg this site is genuinely my favorite pass time

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      and if you do that, they probably extend your ban. Because is offensive LOL

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      i didn’t even get to say goodbye to my buddies i feel like a dick

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      That’s is alright they know… maybe.  I mean if they are reading this and do not say anything to you …they are the dicks

      In that case, you should tell them …Suck how I feel XD


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      Cheer up bud *pats Gash back* we are the honorary members of the breakfast club,

      Besides, think about the Admin that banned you. He must be so pissed off that you still somewhat having fun here LOL

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      Fair lmao

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      Just thinking that  it makes me laugh XD

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      Their faces must be red with anger or just straight up annoyed LOL



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      I knew you were going to like it.  Still, it would have been better if you kept that to yourself.  Now the ban is going to Extend LOL

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      i don’t give a shit this place seems mellow might just completely swap


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      how would i communicate with you on this site?

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      Anyhow, I hope that you find what you’re looking for there and remember this if you wanna improve yourself as a writer. Do not become your character..  Meaning … you and your character are two different people. A lot of people tend to forget that. they make new faces, New backgrounds but they are still playing themselves with another face and abilities.  If your character is an asshole let him be one. If he is a hero ..let him be one if he is a coward let him be one yadda yadda.  Good luck in your Travels  and  believe me those words seem trivial but on the long run you will notice what i am talking about. See ya

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      Nah I am staying here. Even when they banned me LOL

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      You could also just message an admin directly and ask. Instead of assuming. Just a thought.

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      Nah it just said it on my chat before it got all F up

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       Dragon Teers

      How are you even posting if you got banned?

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       Dragon Teers

      Wouldn’t an unreasonable admin just ban you off the site?

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       Dragon Teers

      Is it more likely that you were doing shitty stuff and got chat banned? But the admins are all talking to make sure we do the right thing?

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       Dragon Teers

      nah prolly not

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       Dragon Teers

      Anyways, I imagine they could ban you now? Yes? Would that be ideal?

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      It is alright Teers. Do what you need to do.

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      The Last time I rp was with you.  and  Then I had to leave because of a personal problem. When I came back I was banned.

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       Dragon Teers

      oh yeah, cause yer like a long term troll thats also a kid and an asshole trying to get the site shut down

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      XD you could not be more wrong about that. But I can see why you are assuming that I am a Kid. But now I am going to be fully honest with you.  When I first started here it was before all this before the site’s change maybe 2012? I don’t remember but it was between 12 or 14.  So yeah I am in my 20’s  So yeah I am one of the few that remember the guy who actually died the one who played an amazing Sylar.  Also when I first started I could not even put a sentence I remember that I was bullied because of it XD. I didn’t know how to write or talk English. but as you can see I improved a lot.

      So, obviously, I played so many bad guys. good guys and all cliche characters you can think about. But this time I decided to play something radical and different. So I choose Johnny Cage A narcissistic asshole that thinks he is the best of what the world can give and will hit on everything that moves. Yes, I can see that how that character can be seen as a troll, But he really is like that until he gets beats down over and over until he becomes a hero. ( I am surprised that no one did that actually ) Also, he tried to hit on his own daughter on the official canon till his older self beat it out of him So, every time you call me creepy. I feel a little pride because that means that I’ve played him well.  So not seeing any advances I swap to Sun Wukong a reckless, hero, prankster. So yeah I see why do you think I am a troll.

      But, Nah I am not and I am not some kid trying to beat the monkey. As a matter of fact, I am not interested in that at all LOL. So yeah think whatever you want but I am not trying to get the site closed and also I am not going to insult you or whatever.

      So I get what I am banned but at least unban the kid I mean Gash does not deserve it. What he did was a silly joke and I get that you slap his hand over it. But straight banning him I think that was a little overboard

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       Dragon Teers

      Methinks the monkey doth protest too much

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       Dragon Teers

      Don’t worry, I’ll let the other admins know

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      How did I find this entertaining to the point I read the entire thread.

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