i have a question about a roleplay chatroom


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    i know this forum category is for roleplay requests but i had nowhere else to go to ask…..



    whats the flying pug chatroom about like its main scenario

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    Ask the Pug’s owner, Lime the Undying. But it is basically a flying ship, that has a dojo, bar, hotel rooms, etc…

    But Lime would know more about it than me.

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    @Madara Uchiha thanks for trying to help my very grateful and i will

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    I can answer that, being in the Guild who owns it (unless you’ve got the answer already).


    The Flying Pug is a flying Bar/Pub/Ship made by Lime’s Guild. It doesn’t have any real “scenario” yet (events are planned I think but for the future), so for the most part, think of it as a more versatile Inn/Bar to go to. It has many other things in it also; try looking at its location page.


    Hope that helps! :3

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    @Kaler Eland

    yeah i just looked at it thanks again though

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