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     Izzy Dee 


    I am on intermittently, but I would really enjoy to form a group of individuals to do mini quests/stories and overall just have a good time.

    I’m not picky with posting lengths, as stated above I am just looking to form a group to carry out fairly active stories and to just have a good time here on RolePages. Absolutely open to ideas as we can collaborate and create ideas as we go along.



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    Need a very misfortunate cat in the company?

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     Izzy Dee 

    I love cats! I’m open to that 🙂

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    Here is the rundown of Milo:
    A talking black cat with blue eyes and a very mysterious past.

    His main ability is to bring small fortune or misfortune, often to create a butterfly, or snowball effect turning it into a great cataclysm. However it is not fully controlled, and highly depends on the environment.

    In essence Milo is a pacifist, and will seek diplomacy over a fight. Being a cat, he has very little to ask for, as he cares not for power, money or fame, however stable income of basic needs such as food, pets and warmth is a good way to buy him.

    Right now Milo is using this form to gather information on all the Hellifyno citizens in order to serve as a viaduct between two interested business sides, thus earning more favor.

    I do see Milo as a good part of a company or a team. Maybe even a mascot. So if you decide to form something, hit me up!

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     Izzy Dee 

    Milo would be a great addition when I can gain some momentum on this.

    I definitely will reach out if it gets going 🙂

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    I’m on intermitently myself. Looking for some fun people to write with myself. My character is the leader of a criminal conclave and a voodoo priest.


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