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    > muse a is the new student, a troubled teen whom is tough on the outside but soft on the inside and is forced to be with muse b, their complete opposite, as a student guide for the semester.

    > muse a & b are in a complicated situation. muse a is the younger sibling of muse b’s best friend but muse b hadn’t known this before they practically spent their entire summer with them. (this can take place either during or after summertime) do they continue their relationship in secret or do they end it all before they get caught by muse a’s older sibling?

    > both muse a & muse b are delinquents. they meet at a correctional facility and plan their escape together. (this can either start before or after the escape. should contain a lot of action, even a murder.)

    > muse a begins a long distance relationship with muse b over SnapChat believing muse b is a celebrity. turns out, muse b is actually a serial maniac and kidnaps muse a on their first date. will muse a die or ever escape? or will they develop Stockholm syndrome over their lover kidnapper?

    > muse a is in love with muse b but is too scared to talk to them. after a lot of convincing, muse a finally goes to an exclusive party thrown by muse b and finally get out of their shell. will muse b finally notice them? or will muse a finally be able to reveal their feelings?

    > muse a & muse b are in a love / hate relationship. muse a hates their strong love for muse b, who is incapable of loving which is what muse b hates most about them self. yet they still spend countless amounts of hours intimate. will muse b ever love muse a back? or will muse a give up? (i see this scenario leading to a pregnancy.)


    (Open to new ideas. Can be male or female.)

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