Looking for a group of people to develop a story with!

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      Hello there. I’m quite new to the server, but I would enjoy if a group of 3-10 people maybe would want to join in on a story!

      The story basically follows Uyeda. While he is typically shut in, there is a huge motivating force that drives him away from his small bubble of comfort, this being the huge monster that is threatening him and the people that he meets on this journey.

      I’m glad to let anybody develop the story as things go on, just DM me or have some sort of contact with me, and I’ll let things get rolling!

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      Hello! I’m quite interested in this bit and would like to participate in this. But I do have a question. Would this be happening in the main chats? Or a PM group?

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        Hello there! I think it would be best to have it set in a PM group, just so other people couldn’t ruin anything, but if the majority of people thought it would be best to have it in the main chats, I would be happy enough to chat there.

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      Ooh, alright! I’ll be happy to participate, then!


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      Ill join if you still have room!


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      Hey, are you still looking for people?
      sorry i just joined this server.

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