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      Let’s give the forums a whirl, I’ve never tried this before.


      Hi, I guess you can tell who I am based on my name and character. For a while now, writing parners have been few and far between for me. I’ll admit, usually I’m too shy to walk up to someone and ask for a roleplay — but I guess I should get over that, right? Human or anthro, boy or girl, whoever you and your character are doesn’t matter to me. I don’t judge. Feel free to buddy up with me for some RPing (is that correct grammar?) by just replying down below.


      There’s just a few asterisks if you want to write with me, read these and you’ll be all set. Firstly, I can’t and won’t write anything that has 18+ content in it. PG and below, folks. That means no sex, gore (of a certain degree), or any subject matter that is more mature than a PG rating would allow. Emphasis on the sex part! Second of all, please ask before imposing any life changes on my character through RP. It’s in the site rules! Lastly, if you’re not comfortable writing with non-human characters, I get it. It’s not for everyone. Nick is an anthropomorphic owl character and he doesn’t have a human form or anything like that. It’s always a good idea to read profiles before asking for RP — they contain all the vital information about a character and their writer (usually).


      With hoots, Nick

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      Hey. I dunno if you’re still looking or not but I’d be interested in doing a roleplay with you.

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      hey, I would love to write stories with you too! if you guys want we can write a story all together!

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      Holy crap, replies! Both of you guys or girls or humans or attack helicopters are welcome to write with me. My PMs are always open, so whenever I’m on just go ahead and message me through the chat in the bottom right. I’m not the best at being a leader, but I guess we can work things out from there. If both of you peeps want, we could do some writing as one big group too. If you want to do it individually, that’s awesome too. Thanks so much guys AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

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      The more the merrier! 🙂

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      what time do you guys usually get on?


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        I will be getting on around 12:00pm MDT to 6:00pm MDT.

        (CT: 1pm to 7pm | PT: 11pm to 5pm | ET: 2pm to 8pm).

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      I’m generally on from 3:30 PM MST to 9:00 or 10:00 PM MST on weekdays. For weekends, I’m usually on whenever unless I’m sleeping… which I do a lot. School sucks, man :c

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      Sweet, Xorel. All of us could have an awesome RP, and whether we do one that includes everyone or multiple individual ones is up to you guys! ^-^

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        You can go ahead and DM me if you want, Mercier. You can also go through my account and read about my organization, StarForce.

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