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     Zander E. Roland (Zero) 

    Have you ever feared death? Have you ever feared living? Do you know what you should fear? Imortality… What happens when a hollow gains the abilities and powers of a phoenix? What happens when its twin shinigami gains the abilities and powers of a dragon? There is a lot to fear even in death…

    This is taking place after the blood wars.

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     Charles J. Hill 

    I’m in!


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     Zander E. Roland (Zero) 

    Well I’m glad at least one person is interested

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    me and my Zanpakto are at your side

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     Toshiro Hitsugaya 

    I’m interested.

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     Shuhei Hisagi 

    I’d be up for this.

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    I absolutely love Bleach. I’m interested 🙂

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