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     Ggio Vega 

    Topic says it all. Short version is basically most of the people I used to rp with dissaphered months ago. Or they never rejoined the site(Soi Fon).


    While my character is from the Anime/Manga Bleach I’m up to rping with whoever. It would probably help if you knew basic stuff about Bleach espeshilly since my character isn’t human at all but meh I’m willing to explain basic things.


    Also just fwi but for those that do know about Bleach and know that my character is “dead” know that I did make up a original story to have him resurrected so if you’d like me to rp him as this altered resurrected version I could but know that it’s almost the exact opposite of his normal personality I mean he’ll still be a little bit cold but be a tad bit friendlier/protective.


    My 2 rules are don’t kill him and don’t god mode. Anything else is pretty much fine though.

    Also I prefer to rp through Inbox or comments ie anything but the chat.

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     Ggio Vega 

    Forgot to mention before but just pm me or respond here if interested. I also don’t mind sending the starter.

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    I’m fine with some roleplay, I have three separate accounts I use currently besides this one, if you’d like to roleplay with Tyler Iradyum or Soul of Cinder let me know

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     Ggio Vega 

    Anyone else intrested?

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