Looking for people willing to help rebuild my species

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      My species is currently endangered with only twenty or so living members. I am trying to rebuild my people. I can create a new body and transfer the conciousness of said person into a body similar to their own but of my species for anyone willing. The only catch is that any who partake in this will be asked to follow the laws of our people. I am the last remaining member of the governing body of my species therefore my word will be law.

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      Would someone who volunteers have to rename themselves two?

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      No, I am Doctor One. The Council of Doctors are the ruling body of my people. You can keep your name. I actually have a name myself but I choose to go by my title



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      I will help, but I do not like to be in large groups of people. I will if I required or needed to but I prefer to avoid them.

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      I’ll help as well 🙂

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      Good to know. I am pleased to know that there are so many kind people in Hellifyno

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      I will need to meet with you all on a one on one basis

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      How interesting…

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