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      Greetings. I am currently seeking for Roleplays, which is likely pretty obvious. The type of Roleplay can be discussed when we speak personally. I request that you are not a one-liner, I prefer Roleplaying using more long-winded posts, if you get what I mean.

      The setting of the Roleplay itself should fit Eris’ character, meaning it would likely be set on earth or somewhere similar, during a period of time not dating back any further than the 1920s or its equivalent, though if you wish I am open to discussing exceptions when we speak personally.

      Eris has a connection to lovecraftian/eldritch/cosmic horror themes, and such things will likely be gotten into during the Roleplay, though that doesn’t mean that the Roleplay needs to be in the horror genre at all.

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      Hello Eris! I do sci-fi/futuristic fantasy roleplay and I got a community going on Discord & Minecraft. I’m now bringing it here and I have an organization made for forming peace, protection and security. It’s called S.T.A.R.Force (Strategic Teams of Aligned Reinforcements Force). If you want to help, save and protect people, my organization is recommended for you.

      I just joined RolePages.com but I’ve been doing roleplay for 5-6 years and StarForce has been publicly around since 2017 on Minecraft, Discord and Fandom, but it originates back in the 1900s.

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