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     Sílrien Ranor 

    I am new to the site. I’m looking for a vampire/ nest of vampires or succubus to help me with an ongoing story line involving an elf character.

    I know, elves are very out of fashion these days. This elf is arcane and would be attractive to any that wishes to use that power for nefarious goals.

    She is gentle and innocent and I feel, needs her eyes opened about the dark aspects of this world.

    Happy to play forums, inbox or live chat (though my hours in live chat cannot really be guaranteed or relied upon)

    Needs to be 18+ player/s as smut, violence, torture etc would be part of the story line.

    This is primarily to help me develop the character of this elf, but also hopefully to develop creative relationships with any who wish to write. My style is Novella/Para.


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     Anders Of The Blood 

    Noooo! Don’t do it to her! She’s beautiful!

    PS. Love your writing. welcome to the site.

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     Sílrien Ranor 

    Thankyou and thankyou. There are long term goals in her canon for putting her through something like this, that will become clear for anyone interested.

    Are you interested?

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     Sílrien Ranor 

    Reading your profile Anders, you sound like the perfect candidate.

    I have seen your work in chat and am very impressed with your eloquence.

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     Anders Of The Blood 

    As much as I would love to participate in some writing with you, I don’t do torture and rarely do smut. Violence is usually kept to battles etc but (I’m a wuss when it comes to torture). There are some very fine writers on this site though, so I wish you luck.

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    i actually have a succubus, Bo she is yes based off the lost girl succbus but anyhow give me a plot or whatever you have in mind as a starting point and i am willing to flow with what you want, never done tourcher but smut and violence ive rolled with

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     Augustus Octavian 

    Feel free to message me. I have a number of vampire, incubus and other dastardly immortal characters with a penchant for whatever needs you might fancy. 🙂

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    Id be interested  i have not pulled all the info about Kas over from the old site just yer but the main info you can find here

    The Lillian Family

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     Sílrien Ranor 

    Drop me a line or two inbox Kasdeya.

    I would love to discuss further. Your character seems really dark and interesting.

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    Anything specific you want me to start with or just toss a starter?

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     Sílrien Ranor 

    Just a couple of lines so that we could communicate and plot this out.

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