Looking for Vikings to join the Blood Dragons

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      Looking for respectful people to Join my clan.   You have to be 20 + in real to Join.

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      Hmm, the blood dragons eyhh. Aye, its a nice idea but would you really have to be twenty and up for this. I mean younger ages have seen their fair share…actually more than their fair share of what this site has gone through its PM”s and DM’s. I would join Viking brother but not of age and will not be for another four years.

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      Although I don’t know if you see me as respectful but more of traditinal in writing, Racial, medieval style, dark age style, culture wise, and much more if you may. Even though Fyzenguard treads alone on a thin path if there was a chance for this then I will take it to see either what mayhem or brotherhoodship may acquire…even though I am under age for this. As it is a laughing matter its still a congruent carving or engravment for a little fun in a…clan. I myself don’t know how well a clan would do on Rolepages but that is the reason we try things to see if they would work.

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      Well then look at this Alduin. Where on here do you see any sort of Vikings…hmm yes me but who else. I mean yeah its cool to be one of the only pure-blooded Norse…or Viking players on this site. Then again though if known nothing of the Mythology then it would be best for me not to play with you as I get a little overwhelming with my knowledge knowing what most people don’t. I mean yes everyone can say that know about Thor or the gods but they have never actually gone deep into the story and if that how it is with you then it would be best nor for me to join this little gathering that seems to only have two individuals in it…you and your new Girlfriend.


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        Actually I don’t give a fuck, what you know.  Not like I wanted you in it anyways. I’m not caring if they know much about Vikings, it’s not important to me.  Just having a relaxing and fun, RP. Now are you going to leave me alone? I don’t like people that gloat their knowledge okay? Now Goodbye.

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      Well hell buddy I wasn’t meaning it like that. I am looking for a good Rp but if you call the shots then I will take a nightcap for you buddy if you know what that is of course. I wasn’t calling anyone dumb here, gloat isn’t the right word neither it would be more of a knowledge whore if you may. A gloater is some fatass who sits on their computer all day and plays this bloody game non stop. Good thing I am not of that sort and write story over Rping in the inss. Its really only the two of us but I wish you the best of luck on your little Vampyier/Blood/Dragon/whatever the else it is. Props up on the luck also, tend to your cattle. lol, Fyzenguard The Great Bastard warrior is out of any hatred, now I laugh.

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