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      Hey there,

      So I’m new to Writers Realm, but I’ve been roleplaying for a fair while and was looking to start some threads. My character is quite versatile and open to being moved into different universes and such. He’s loosely based off of Welsh/Irish Folklore as well as off of the Shadowhunters Lore from the books and I guess a smidge from Skyrim.

      So Will is a Fae wisp creature, mostly existing as a spy for them. He can bestow huge amounts of magic to others, but can only really use deception and manipulation style abilites. He also has a form (William Owen) who is a Scientist who conducts research on hybridising supernatural creatures.

      Feel free to read my bio which goes deeper into his abilites and stuff and hit me up if you’re interested.

      And if you got to this bit, ta for reading. 🙂

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      I’d like to volunteer for an RP position. I’m going to work on my bio this evening, but if you’d like, take a look and let me know if you’d like for me to join. ?

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