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    Im needing female partners for rps.

    My only requirments are that your an adult and you reply often. This isnt a charecter account but i do have a list od characters that i use depending on which rp we are doing. If you have a rl schedule that you need to abide by let me knoknow and we can work around it

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    Why particularly female partners?

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    Because my past experience with male partners have beem horrible. They pretty much only wamr smut. They skip any sort of plot ans rush into forcing smut scenes. They are also incredibly stubborn and refuse any sort of suggestions i give them

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    I’m interested then, if you’ll have me.  I feel I’d be being sexist if I’d have a bit of a laugh to your reasoning, but honestly… I did laugh inside.

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    That’s fine. Women just tend to appreciate a plot better. And if they are the type that likes smut, then they have no problem waiting for it

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