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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>New Avrilis</p>

      Imagine a living, breathing Island made of flesh and bone. Imagine an indigenous population of vampires, demons, ghouls, ghosts, and the undead and that isn’t even the start. Now imagine a place where blood, alongside flesh, is plentiful and the national currency is a mix between human life and soul coins fostered from the farming of mortals. If you’re a vampire or any other beast mentioned above, this place is like a haven, free of judgement, persecution, and full of opportunity to rise in your field.

      New Avrilis was founded by Solomon, The Child, a demon who was worshipped as a god upon the Island. Originally a den of iniquity, it was a place where organized crime and all sorts of debauchery took place and for the most part, that hasn’t changed. Filled to the brim with gangs, death, sex, drugs, and slavery, it is one of the most gruesome places on the planet.


      Pagewasp Crossing – Situated at the very center of Kraphel River, this is a log bridge that stretches halfway into the river only to stop so that a bone created structure can lift you to the very cliff that makes up the other side of the river’s structure.

      Chirrin Swamp – Long ago, there was a legend that a bear demon met with that of a swamp pig. After several fights, the bore finally won, though with his undying breath, the demon cast a spell upon the land so that it was transformed into flesh swamps. The ground beneath suddenly turns into flesh right at the start and everywhere you look, the trees themselves seem to be large strands of hair, the leaves flakes of dandruff. The large insects that populate this place include that of the common flea and head lice. However, they are anything but normal. They suck at your plasma straight from the source and are so big that they outweigh the largest lycan on Hellifyno. These are creatures brought from the Planet Avrilis. They are taken as pets and guard animals by the zombies and vampires of this sanctuary. Around, several puddles that you find are made of blood. Not water and so this has become the home for several vampires and ghouls.

      Lambwake Fen – Like the Chirrin swamp, this one also has a myth behind it. It is said that the stars once fell upon a marshy land, and that the spirits and creatures that lived there were deformed and turned into something far beyond that of the natural creature. Man became demon, demon became Dragon and soon even the small creatures such as squirrels and rabbits became creatures of such evil that they were outlawed from being hunted. The rabbits themselves became a creature made of zombies and vampires, turned into an abomination that craved human flesh and the blood that was created from breaking it. They’ll do anything to get their food, even if it includes attacking villages on the way. The trees here are nonexistent, yet blades of grass and water holes block off various ports and stations that are only known as lava pits. The smell of brimstone and sulfur carries here, calling forth demons.

      Moss Outpost – This is a large military outpost near the very front of the Island that stretches completely around the coast with a long wall, like that of the Great Wall of China in order to block off attacks from the outside world. The walls themselves are made of a stone that is nearly impenetrable, that is also able to be merged into weapons to make them sharper than diamonds. It is composed of soldiers of all kinds and shapes. There is an Avian unit, Foot soldiers, Steed riders, Dragon Keepers, Wraith Lords, lastly vampire Zombies. Most of the walls are protected by magical wards that alert the guard if you have weapons. There are several posts dotted along every mile of this outpost. 24/7 guards patrol this wall every day without rest.

      Alal Jungle – This is a jungle much like the rest, often used as a hunting ground for vampires who enjoy the chase of humans. Inhabitants include blood elves and creatures who use magics to destroy humanity. Necromancers use this place for research so several compounds are hidden within the actual forests of this place.

      Hopfeast Mere – This pond stands right beside the Ratvoice Foothill. Named as a safe haven for creatures of aquatic nature, there are several swamp beasts, megalodon sharks and flesh eaters here. Should you find yourself in the need of fresh water, do not stop here.

      Kraphel River – Beneath you the water seems to be fresh, yet you can see fish that you’ve never seen before. You can see amphibious creatures that both defy the laws of physiology and of predators. Smaller creatures eat bigger creatures and just beneath the surface, tendrils of silvery soul matter rushes to the surface to cast an eerie sensation. There are secrets untold. Is this natural, or is this something forbidden altogether? Be wary of the spirits that haunt this river for they are not what they seem.

      Roadwand Fortress – Roadwand Fortress is a safe haven for any wayward creature of Hellifyno. Though criminals often seek this safe haven, they are allowed entry as long as they’re able to pay their strict taxes. Zombies, demons, wraiths, vampires and creatures of the undead, unknown stalk these streets that are lined with blood givers, flesh cadavers and shops that are built just for the pleasure and enticement of the public. At the very back of such a city is a mansion that stands out above them all. This is Solomon’s domain and where he rules. The roads and flesh lined caverns are filled with necrophiliacs, sex, drugs, scandals, murder, rape, torture, and cannibalism. The only rule here is that you must pay taxes and you cannot disturb the peace or the plans that will inevitably come to pass. Mob life is common here as several vampires make up guilds of necromancers, elementalists, Blood sorcerers, and blood banks. The dominant species here are the demons, though, who trade and sell slaves and human cattle.

      Darr Mountains – The Darr Mountains are several mountainous terrains, topped with ice due to their immense height. Made of the same stone as the wall on the outside of the Moss Outpost, it is nearly indestructible. Several tunnels lead into the mountain, leading to the entrance of Roadwand Fortress. Several guards stand on the outskirts of such a place, at each mountain entrance and cave opening/crevice. The sounds of city life alerts to the presence of something inside, something asleep, something dangerous.

      The Floating Forest – The gods thought they were joking when they made this place. Due to certain circumstances with the area’s soil, the air is filled with a fog that releases opium in the air, so strong that it doesn’t take long after entering the place to get a contact high. Several ghouls, vampires and other creatures have gone missing in the Floating Forest and there are those who have never returned. Those who do never talk again about what they have seen.

      Ratvoice Foothill – This is a small hill right outside the main entrance of the city. Due to Harmony’s gracious gift of Ratvoice, this place was given its name and a guardian, the beast itself. Ordered not to let any Gaia being inside, and to guard from entrance not given permission or paid, Ratvoice keeps this place safe.

      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Why the information Dump?</p>

      There aren’t enough writers involved. Several years ago, I made this location as a way to include my non-Giovanni characters in site wide plots. Most of those characters are now gone but I have been playing a majority of its inhabitants since it was created. Some of the more commonly known are Solomon, The Child, Augustus Giovanni, Auxilio. What I’m looking for are a few ‘cast’ characters who would be willing to start businesses and fill the city, essentially, with a bit of lore inspired by members of the site. While there isn’t currently a chat for Avrilis, most can be played outside the city and through mention or as part of character backgrounds.

      While your characters cannot be King, Queen, Prince, Princess, or Overlord, your characters can take up titles such as minister of Defence, Slave Master, Don (For mafia styled gangs), or just overall, regular characters from the city. They do not have to be vampires, though I would prefer keeping the overall feeling of the place and keeping up with the idea that this is a place for the monsters of society that are outcast in other places but free to roam wild in a city built off strength and all those fun things your characters like to get up to.

      This is open to all varieties and kinds of writers. No skill is too low or too high, though you must remember that major damage to the location cannot be done without permission. You can’t instigate war with the rest of the planet. You cannot take over the whole place unless a plot is constructed, giving your character that power.

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