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      Fantasy Market

      The city of Ar’Elis is desperate to gets its economy back in order. Recent turmoil and social strife have caused many businesses to leave, relocating to more stable regions. This has been exacerbated by the rise of Twine as an economic powerhouse, and the subsequent closure of their close trading partner, Olde Watch due to Xenophobic population trends.

      In order to offset this, the provisional government has declared a tax holiday for the next year. All new business employing at least one citizen will be free of any import or export duties, business, personal, or tariff based taxes. In addition huge subsidies in the form of land, magical power, access to resources, and civil air are being offered to make the city even more desirable to corporate interests.

      “So are you looking to start a new business? Maybe a restaurant, a shop, or an office? Are you looking to expand your corporate interests, and take advantage of the huge, largely untapped population of Ar’Elis?”

      “Then come on down! Ar’Elis welcomes businesses of all shapes and sizes. There are no laws here because we haven’t set up a permanent government yet, so do all of the things that are considered illegal or immoral everywhere else. We don’t care! As long as you stay and contribute to the growth of our local economy!”

      (OOC: This is the place to post if you’d like to start a business in the city of Ar’Elis. This can be a brand new company, or an expansion of your existing interests in other cities. Feel free to muscle out the competition, set up a monopoly, and engage in just about any trade or service that you want. You can also post a separate thread about your business so that players can come and patronize you, and then link to that from here.)

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       Chitose Tsuru

      /\With the opportunity to expand once more, this was something Chitose could not miss out on. Whilst using a mixture of muscle and coin, Chitose was able to expand into the new location known as Ar’Elis. The night-clubs seemed to almost be raised in what seemed like merely a day. The buildings themselves were bland to the outside eye. The buildings were 10,000 square foot, and stood two stories tall. What the public eye did not notice was the 10,000 square foot basement. The main area of the dance is filled with speakers, lasers, and fog machines. Multiple cages hung from the ceiling, a place for dancers to come and earn wages. The bar is large and extravagant. The oak like wood stretched a good 40 feet, with multiple stools for patrons to sit upon. Behind the bar upon numerous rows of wooden shelves stood every liquor imaginable, including many imported from alien worlds. The dance floor appeared to be black marble, cut from the finest stone that one could purchase from the market. In the far right corner stood a tall Dj booth, one that a flight of stairs ascended to. The Dj booth was equipped with the latest musical equipment, allowing for a proper flow of music. The walls of the vast club were coated in jet black paint, red symbols were painted upon the dark walls, ones resembling the Tsuru clan Logo. Near the back of the vast 8,000 square foot club are multiple doors that lead into secretive business areas. The hidden rooms were merely 30×30’s equipped with pleasure equipment if a person held deep dark desires. The main office of Chitose Tsuru sat upon the second floor of the club, though the entrance is blocked by a barrier that only responds to a certain key-word. The wall itself doesn’t appear to be magical, as it is a single ebony black door. Hidden nearby is a thumb-print scanner, where a certain word must be uttered to gain entrance to the VIP like lounge. Upon the upper floors of the club there are numerous “private” party areas where high paying customers can receive private dances from any creature on staff that they so choose. Over looking the club above the Dj’s booth sits Chitose’s personal office. The glass being one way, eight inches thick to prevent any bullets from getting to him. The office was filled with a large heavy wooden oak desk, and only two plush leather chairs for comfort. Bookshelves lined the walls, holding numerous items from books, pictures, and even some ancient relics from times of old. Deep below the club, hidden beneath many layers of concrete is the true reason for the club. A vast weapon crafting work shops exists, running 24/7. The area is filled with automatic machines that continuously create weapons, a non-stop working robot army. The entrance to the workshop is known to only a few beings, and even fewer have access to the hidden workshop. These nightclubs seemed to appear all over the city. Two large human looking bouncers stand guard over the doors, day and night never moving a muscle unless to inspect a person’s credentials. The security force protecting each club us vast, as Chitose had tasked a great deal of “Spec Op” soldiers to protect the business. If anyone were to attack the club or pose a threat, the issue would be swiftly handled by an elite team of soldiers. Numerous buildings appear within the Arcane District, City Square, Makers Market, and even a few appeared in the Hopeless district. A part of the profit is traded to the city, for a first chance to fuel the army’s need for weapons. Having effectively created a monopoly upon this regions weapon demands./\ (-Will expand more-)

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       Rye Simmons

      //Opportunity strikes! Wedged between larger buildings, there’s a small, nondescript doorway – probably leading to some apartments. The door creaks open, and with a flash of yellow and orange, Rye has appeared, eyes suspiciously darting from side to side as if she has any stealth in the bustling day time. Once she has assured herself no one is watching, Rye steps out into the open, taping a home made paper sign to the door – “HELP WANTED! ARE YOU GOOD AT SLEUTHING? PLEASE INQUIRE WITHIN!” and she disappears, like that.

      She had at least two employees, a secretary and her second in command. But a team of three was not enough. Anyone who went inside would find themselves heading up the stairs to an apartment that had been converted into an impromptu office. But they could only go as far as one room for now – just a receptionist desk up front. The room is mostly barren, but a few things have been scattered about – a couch here, a decorative thing there. For now, Rye sits, and waits, excitedly wondering if living out this fantasy of solving crime just like “the old days” of running about town as a kid would come true.

      Fantasy or not, though, the tiny company fully intended to take on any cases given to them… and also hoped for some help, too.//

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        There is a knock on the door, in the middle of the night, and when opened, a couple is standing there, draped in tattered robes and hunched over a small child in their arms. They stare with wide, open eyes, full of fear, faces creased with care, as they ask, humbly, if they might come in.

        Stepping in they take seats and you notice that the child, barely an infant, never makes a noise, never sounds a peep.It is awake, blue eyes bright, almost glowing, a radiance emanating from the boy but he is almost polite, seeming to listen as his parents begin their tale.

        They speak of prophecies, of men and women who had come to them, for weeks before she had given birth. People of power, prestige, and lore, who ran tests, and paid them huge sums to observe, and poke, and prod at her body, and sometimes at his.

        Poor folks, not even enhanced, soon to be parents. They had to accept the payments. And for a time, it was alright.

        But as time passed, more pressure began to press upon them. They tell you of the orcs that came in the night, trying to snatch her away. Of the death threats, of the crowds and mobs that had started forming outside their doors, some protesting, others crying out in abject adulation for what they considered to be their greatest hope.

        The messiah.

        The once and future king.

        Ar’Elis reborn.

        They tell of the many groups that vied for control over them, the violence, the running, the hiding. Anonymity is nearly impossible when you are at the center of the fate of the world but they had somehow managed to escape everyone. But now. Now they were out of options.

        They’d heard about this place. Solving mysteries. Helping people. Maybe they could help? Maybe you could help?

        There is pleading in their eyes. An aura of honesty radiates from these people, and the child, the child is intrinsically special. To be in his presence is to be unable to deny that.

        And so they look to you, pleading in their hearts and on their lips, as they beg you for help.

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         Rye Simmons

        “Of course we’ll help!” Rye doesn’t hesitate. “I’m going to have to consult my constituents, but fear not, we’ll do our best to find what we can!”

        She had no idea about any of this, but it seemed simple enough. A world changing prophecy had to be easy to pick up on. She discusses it with her only two coworkers, and right away one of them, the girl named Luna, leaves and takes to the streets in search of answers.

        Already a big case had fallen into her hands. But there was no room for backing down! When did Rye ever say no to a challenge? (Probably a lot, but when her pride was on the line? Never!)

        “I’ll get to work, too. Our first angle of attack will be learning more of the prophecy!” After all, how did people figure this out, anyway?

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       Valno LeMorte

      Fresh territory, growing lands, and mainly humans. What more reasons did she need to expand the Le Morte Trading Co. to Ar’Elis? None in her mind. She was scouting the city, searching for the perfect place to begin building her offices. With such a large religious city that was rebuilding two buildings would be the right choice. So there she walked mingling through the crowds, through the Makers Market, through the Cursed Ruins, the City Square, The Arcane District, and the Hopeless District. She did not wonder the Mount of Kings for there was no need to be in an area of that nature. After spending hours walking the City and getting a feel for the areas she decided on her locations. One would be built right on the border of The Hopeless District and Makers Market. It would do well with the people in the area for flow of supply and sales. And the other near the outside of The Arcane District. Not to be to close to the hustle and bustle of life within the area. One in the open to all the other hidden off a bit more private from the prying eye. So the plan was set, blue prints handed off and the price paid. It would not be long until the building were complete and the Slave Trade would be established within this new growing magical city. Le Morte Treading Co. would stake it’s claim.

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      Every city needs what it does not. In new Ar’Elis’ case, that is a a power plant. One day, construction simply starts. New posts are put into grounds, lines of giant living metal that reach for the skies like a giant sky scraper. The difference is, the new building has no doors, no entry point. The only thing that even remotely resembles such a thing are hive like holes that linger at the very top where the wind catches against the metal, producing a hollow whistling buzz that one could easily dismiss as electricity.


      This is not the only one. Over the city, through the city, around the city, giant pillars of living metal pierce the earth like giant spires and spears. Posts, smaller than the spires themselves but of the same material sprout in the streets, in homes, in businesses and shops. Nothing is out of the ordinary until one day someone spots something very unnatural peeking its way through the initial tower, a fish resembling an eel with wings that make it look like a bird. The difference is the living metal body that surrounds it, protecting it from harm from would be predators.


      It becomes widely apparent what their use is for as dozens, if not hundreds of these tiny worker fish fill the city, attracted between giant pillar and small spire. When their bodies rub against the other metal, it produces an arc of electricity that then powers everything within a 100 ft radius. Fans turn, screens light up, phones charge faster. The internet, the Weave, runs faster. Before long, you realize exactly what the spires are, giant conductors and the fish are electronically charged by each lighting bolt, by the wind that blows from this height. They are a safe source of electricity.

      The name of the company? Pentex. Their moto? For the Future of our world.


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      Anders was in the phone talking with City hall. Bureaucracy! It could be incredibly taxing on the brain. How did these people operate within the real world? It seemed they had no clue.

      He ran a multinational concern that had many interests in a variety of different business opportunities, some of them quite surprising. However, he was most interested in making up the 20% loss in profit from his Consequence concerns and recovering the resultant value of those shares as confidence in Invictus plummeted with the introduction of portals into the city. His people ran the docks. Of course it was an impact.


      Still, he had made a pretty good deal with the inventor of the Portal technology. Made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. An obscene amount of money. Billions. But even then, there was reluctance on his part. However, slyly hinting that the whole of the next generation of his family might be at stake, then showing a number of photos that had been taken of his wife and a small child attending a kindergarten, nieces and nephews going about their business at school. The children of cousins that he didn’t even know he had.

      He had been glad to take the money.

      So, he had been the first to set up portals in the burgeoning new economic region of Ar’Elis, and had started transporting good and people almost immediately. Whether it was raw materials for weaponry or goods manufacturing or infrastructure for a new power grid, nothing came in and nothing went out without his say so.

      Logistics. It was the future.

      And when you have to absolutely, positively get in there in one piece, there is only one name you can trust.


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      Pies and Portals
      Had been meticulously conceived of, paid for and built before its Mysterious proprietor had caught wind of the competition. As if she needed one more reason to dislike that Thing. Not easily deterred, she would order a new sign and menus.
      Pies and Pinups
      Once she had thought about it, this name was preferred.
      No ads were posted, it wasn’t needed. Everyone likes pie, right? Plus these pies were the best in town.

      ~ Outside ~
      You can smell the deliciousness from at least three stores down. Two cherry trees, bookmark the door. Pink neon sign at the window says Pies and Pinups..if it’s on, they’re open.

      ~ Inside ~
      It’s got a retro theme going. Red leather booths and stools, white countertops with black pinstripes.. A Jukebox! It’s as if you’ve taken a portal back to 1957!
      There is one long, white walled hallway in the back. Down that hallway, you’ll find the restrooms. Passed the restrooms, there is always a wet floor sign sitting right in the middle of the hall. Passed that are six doors, lining each side, each a different color of the rainbow. The dead end of the hall holds the 7th door. It’s Black instead of Orange. Each of the 7 doors has 3 large keyholes in various shapes such as circle, triangle and square. The 7 doors are always locked.

      ~ Staff ~
      Attractive ladies, each rockin a pin up style. They are all required to carry a pen, a pad, and to wear a staff apron. All aprons have something written on them. Examples include: Yay Pie!, Ask me for a Key!, Yippie Pie Yay!, and Nom nom nom! All aprons have pockets. There is usually at least one cigarette girl.

      ~ Menu ~

      Fruits ~ Apple, BlackBerry Blueberry, Cherry, Dewberry, Key lime, Lemon, Lemon meringue, Medley, Peach, Pumpkin, Star

      Mix and match ~ Cheesecake, Cobblers, Creme, Custard

      Favorites ~ Butternut, Chocolate, Grasshopper, Herbal, Mud, Peanut butter, Pecan, Slap yo momma, Toffee

      Meats ~ Blood, Goat, Mystery, Shepard’s

      Drinks ~ Shakes, Malts, Soda, Coffee, Tea

      Don’t see your pie on the list?
      We will custom make one for you!

      We don’t have that recipe?
      Win all the free pies you can eat for a year!

      ~ Oddities ~
      Must know the secret password.
      Messages can be procured and exchanged, on the sly.
      Rare items can be procured and exchanged, on the down low.
      Our portals are better! Everything’s better with pie!

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>ALL CORP.</p>
      For those of you who don’t know, ALL Corp. Is a company founded by Aero the fallen angel. It started back when he first landed on Earth and began helping with odd jobs and made his way up to assisting Kings and royalty with literally everything. He charged for service. And he provided. Regardless of what was asked. It could have been anything. Hunt this. Slay that. Teach my kid this. Find us some this. And so on.

      At some point the fallen angel decided he could build with this. So he did. And now he is CEO to one of the most powerful and influential companies on the planet. They own just about everything and can do anything. It’s in the name. ALL. They can do ALL.

      ALL Corp. provides all services. Anything from construction to babysitting. From taxi driving to home deceorating, from plumbing to personal security. Need an army and weapons? Just file a request. Need to spy on your corporate competition? No problem. Want to upgrade your security system? Sure. Want to rent a few hundred hookers? Go for it. We have you covered.

      On the surface the company is all doing and behind most other companies but underneath we are a black market venue. We trade in slavery and organs and weapons. You name it. We got it. Want to overthrow your government? No problem. We can provide the army guns and propoganda.

      Need anything done? We can do it ALL!

      Well the company has been spreading and this area seems sufficient. At some point in time a large tower was constructed not too far from the other towering buildings in this district and was just as tall. Since moving to this planet the company has been doing more research in this magic stuff. And thus. Will gladly hire magic friendly and knowledgeable people.

      The main lobby is a reception area with a few elevators leading to a few different locations. The R&D department. The military training and barracks. The weapon testing. The factory. The whorehouse. The computer lab. The kitchen. And it goes on and on.

      However most services can be called in over the phone or be asked for at the receptionist who also works as the salesperson. We offer 100% garantee that you will be satisfied. If not….

      Anyways. This is ALL Corp. Here for you!

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      A woman dressed in immaculate attire, 10 feet tall, with 6 arms made of chrome sluicing from her sides and back like tentacles, strides into the exterminators office, swinging a large suitcase up and slamming it down on the counter. It opens, revealing mounds of currency, soul coins mostly, the preferred trade here, but also bills and credits from a dozen galactically recognized worlds. It’s a small fortune.

      “And there’s more where that came from. We’ve got a job for you. My, associates and I, are tired of certain, pests, that have been plaguing the city. These aren’t just vermin though, rather than just feeding on stores or trash, they feed on families, on people. They feed on humans, like me. And we want it stopped.”

      Another suitcase swings into view, opening to reveal more spilling cash.

      “Double this when the vampire population has been exterminated from the city of Ar’Elis. You can reach me at this number. And you’ll get a bonus if you can get it done by the end of the month.”

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