Old timer in need of pointers. [Please. :)]

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      Hey, how’s it going?

      So way back when, (I can’t remember what the main plot was but zombies?  Zombies and Olde Watch stick to my head and it was after Plainview. I attacked Consequence at some point.) I used to play this character on here but had to leave unfortunately because I thought getting a degree was a good shout. (I’m not crying, you are!)

      Since then, different site, different layout, different everything really and so as someone waaaaayyyyyyy out of the loop but wanting to check in and maybe get back involved, I was just wondering what’s the tea? What did I miss, where do we do the RP now and what sort of things should I probably know?

      Thanks guys.

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      Well, You missed the Void blowing up a planet, a god trying to take over Hellifyno, new cities being added, now Faltering Bright is attacking the world with her followers. You can do the RP in the main chats, messages, or pm’s. But anyways Welcome back

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