Practice Matches (New Event!) New Rules And Information!

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    Hello everybody! This is Chris here! A brand new thing has just happened to the tournament’s efforts. Thanks to our most handsome and charming site owner Dragon Teers, there’s now a Chat Room for something new I’d like to call “Practice Matches”!

    Now how this will work out is MUCH different then the actual tournament. There are new info and rules and I’m gonna explain all that to you now!


    1:  The rules of the official tournament apply, but with some minor changes. You don’t need a bio sheet to enter because it’s a chat room. But if you do want to make one, that’s cool. I now also allow 2V2, 2V1, 3V3, 3V2 and 3V1!

    2: New pictures about per fights will be put when a fight begins, like say RANDOM V RANDOM that will have a picture of the two people fighting, this is just for dramatic effect

    3: You can requests Battlegrounds (like Tundra, Desert, ECT) And the weapons you want scattered across the battlefield on your or your opponent’s side! (with thier permission of course)

    4: Still will be 1 round only, but no revive tokens. If you lose that match, you lose for good. This is a short and sweet fight, so that’s how it will play out. However, if you win a match, you can choose to fight a random NPC or another opponent.


    AND finally

    5: A list of NPCS and opponents that are participating in a practice match will be put on the chat for those to see the current fight.



    The new rewards/prize pool for the practice matches will vary in how many people will enter.

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