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      Hey, i’m Seon/Rice Ninja and I’ve been writing for years. I’m currently in search of an experience in which will jump start my muse and give me a little release from the monotony of life. I often seek out those who are also interested in thinking out side of the box and those who aren’t afraid to get creative. Open worlds with a flair for the dramatic are a usual reoccurring theme in my stories. So, if this is you… Let’s get in depth. Let’s write together.



      !LITERATE -Paragraph Descriptive Player.

      !Over the Age of 21.

      !Preference for Male Characters.


      !Enjoys Romance, Suspense, Slice of Life, Horror, and Supernatural Genres.

      !Won’t Freak Out if I Have to Dip For a Minute.

      !Doesn’t require 90% Smut.



      !LITERATE- Paragraph Descriptive Player.

      !Werewolf Snob ( Upright, Bipedal, Etc).

      !Over the Age of 21.

      !Prefers Playing Female Characters.

      !Extremely Talkative aka Super Chill.

      !Enjoys All of the Above.

      !Won’t Freak Out if You Have to Dip For a Minute.

      !Doesn’t Require 90% Smut.

      !Enjoys Long Walks to the Liquor Store.



      !Dark and Dramatic Themes.

      !DM’s preferred over Chat.


      !Characters With Personality and Grit.

      !Real life face claims for Modern Stories, Art for Medieval. It’s an immersion thing.

      !Established Builds for Your Character(s).

      !Male + Female Pairings.







      Obviously, the character profile I have now ISN’T the ONLY character I use.  Ask me about the other ones and my story ideas or throw me some of your own. Thanks for your time and hope to write with you soon !

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      New Story Available.

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      Still Seeking.

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      Still open!

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      I look for ways to say, “I love you”
      But I ain’t into makin’ love songs
      Baby, I’m just rappin’ to this LSD

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      uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, have you gotten a single response from anyone?

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      Uuuuuuuuhhhhhh, maybe? Why? Lol.

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      Could be up for something, always up for something new, why not?



      (Character might be considered Fandom though)

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      I’m down to rp with you. I (hopefully) meet your requirements and I have plenty of characters you can choose from. Male and female, modern and medieval, with various in between. Like my current character, Jonathan Phaedrus. I’ll DM you if that’s okay with you.

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      Ayyyye. I’m back.

      Lets write/Hit me up.

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      Probably still looking.

      Probably looking for something within the realms of  Modern and Slice of Life.

      Probably have a bit of a story idea for this.

      Hit me up!

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