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      Hello all my lovely people! It’s me, and I’m in major need of a good, long roleplay! I tend to do mostly romance, but I’m open to anything at this point. I just need the responses to be long and detailed, but I also understand if you get a writers block (we all do lol). I hope to hear from you all soon! Stay beautiful!

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      I’d be happy to jump in and rp with you if you wanted. I’m open to any ideas and I can come up with characters accordingly.

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      A world with higher detail than the pop-culture inspired collage imaginings, allowing for unique atmospheres and meanings not often developed in RP. Something that requires us to maybe sit and think for a minute, and a more challenging and rewarding writing experience that is more centred around getting a nuanced, sensational memorable experience. I’d really enjoy an advanced lit RP, and have a bit of an original scenario that hasn’t really been explored yet.

      The setting I have which I’d really like someone to join is a post-totalitarian city & suburb. Trashed, robbed from and the vast majority of citizens escaped. If you were to watch or read Harrison Bergeron, 1984, A Brave New World or watch Equilibrium you will get an idea for the kind of world the citizens once lived in. Now that it collapsed, who do they become? Do some still experience the brainwashing, do they simply lose their way entirely?

      I’m not focused on any particular kind of story within that space, because as of yet there is no global plot. The city is untended to, it has roaming gangs; unnamed as of yet, it’s dilapidated at worst and untended at best. So, I’d really like it if you wanted to come along and RP in this scene with me, and anyone else who’s interested in high quality writing. I’m not a snob when it comes to writing, but I think being open to criticism and correction during something like this would be a really awesome way to improve our writing in RP here.

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