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      Looking for an RP regular who would like to have one or two non-canon RP battles to refresh my head on how they work. To be honest, I have not participated in one for a few months and even before that, for maybe two or three years at most. Fights can have tacked on rules such as no weapons, no character transformations, no magical healing or powers (i.e. fighting like a human). Characters will range from a small list of combat oriented characters limited to and possibly including Augustus Giovanni, Malakai Octavian, Anais Fifer, Leonite Lunareyes, Skrimir Silverhide, one or two female characters I don’t discuss publicly, and several others.


      Before the fight, a list of each one’s stats including weaknesses, powers and abilities, as well as weight, height and ect. will need to be exchanged. Fights will not begin before such is relinquished. Fights will end after either two circumstances are met. Inability to fight further (KO, Death, inability to walk and fight), or disqualification for not living up to the rules discussed and agreed to before battle.

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