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     Ruby BloodFang 

    Hey there Ruby here and I’m offering some rp lessons for any who wish to learn more and get better at the act because if I’m being honest One Liners will usually be frowned upon on the sight but if you learn from others like Me, Dragon, Pyrrhus, and many of the other veteran rpers on this sight you will be gladly welcomed and more people will approach you to RP so if you have anyone you think could use said lessons either PM me or message me and let me know and if your one of the newer players who wishes to learn let me know!

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    Do not forget we have the T1 Temple Ruby still that I run.

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    So feel free to join it and help out if you want

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    Or we could you know, let something new run it’s course. >.>

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    Interesting choice of words

    just offering help but if but but i get it


    guess coming back  was a bad idea

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