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    Heyo! I just created these OCs for RWBY, and stuff. I figured I’d make this post to see if anyone else wanted to join me!


    Looking for ALL characters! Canon and OC, would be awesome! Hoping for a bit of both. If there comes to be enough, I might make a Group for all of us – so we aren’t overwhelming the chatrooms.


    The only other RWBY roleplayer I know of, is a Neo (There are two accounts)


    * Violet Embers / Amethyst Embers

    * Lance Midnight

    * Neo/Neopolitan


    Hoping to see some people soon! Have a great rest of your day.

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    Wade wouldn’t be hard to tie into a RWBY scene, since his one power could easily be related to a semblance. He doesn’t have a weapon though. XD

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