RWBY Role Plays?

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     Ruby Rose 

    HELLOOOOOO, I’m Ruby. I came here hoping the RWBY verse may have had a good cult following on this place….Since it’s uhh, kinda not very active at the RP website I came from.


    So yeah, I’m looking to get some role plays going. I’m mostly interested in RWBY…But I suppose I wouldn’t mind settling for some none-RWBY stuff. Wouldn’t mind doing an RWBY x Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts crossover, either.

    I’d be reaaaally excited to write with a Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long, Qrow Branwen, Roman Torchwick, Neo, Jaune Arc or Pyrrha Nikos. Of course, I wouldn’t mind others, but the ones I listed are among some of my favorite characters who I’d love to get some role plays going with. I doubt I’m gonna have much luck, but it’d be soooo nice if someone was actually interested. Or some existing RWBY role players saw this and wanted to write with me.

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    I WANNA ROLEPLAY! I watch RWBY as well, although I have to say I’m a fan of Weiss… ANYWAAAAAYS, I’d LOVE to RP with you! Lemme know!

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