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      Looking for rp partner. 🙂 Preferably fantasy but i’m flexible. I have a lot of different characters to work with and we can chat further to figure out what type of story we will be aiming for.

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      Hey! I’m relatively new to this website, but have been Roleplaying for AGES-

      What did ya have in mind?

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      Hey Alec! I’m new here too. Just some story building type stuff. I like to write and make stories and I thought it would be fun to come here and make a story with someone else

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      Heya, idk if your still looking for a RP buddy but I kinda….well I do need/want one. If you wanna RP with me just lemme know.

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      Hello Marlene! I do sci-fi/futuristic fantasy roleplay and I got a community going on Discord. I have an organization made to form unity, safety and security. It’s called S.T.A.R.Force (Strategic Teams of Aligned Reinforcements Force). If you want to help save and protect people, my organization is recommended for you.

      just joined but I’ve been doing roleplay for 5-6 years and StarForce has been around since 2017 on Minecraft, Discord and Fandom.

      This also goes to anyone who wants to do roleplay with friendly people.

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      Yes I would love to join your group Fire Xorel but I don’t have discord. But I would love to rp with you and Toxic Black whenever you guys are available! 🙂

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