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      So in my time of being on rolepages, I haven’t had the best experience with finding writers, which is why I came to the forums to show what I got for characters, dm me if your interested or post a comment!

      Serena Isabella – @project-a14h

      Serena is someone who is very passionate about love and but is less open to the idea of adventure

      Greyson Isabella – @project-a14h

      Greyson can be very deceptive and hot-headed but is often a gentleman on the inside

      Cimmanon Isabella – @project-a14h

      She will most likely be more of a natural survivor but someone very loyal

      Erin De Raven – @project-a14h

      Erin is man on the run, never staying in one place, always up for something new

      Blue De Raven – @project-a14h

      Blue is very quiet and reversed to herself, but is optimistic about the future and evenutally would love to share her stories to inspire hope

      Alysha Orion – @orionsisters

      Alysha tends to be very excitable and loving, however when she gets into her lab, she can get very innovative

      Inferno Orion – @orionbrothers

      Feather can be very defensive of his younger slibbings but knows how to party and enjoy the time

      Feather Orion – @orionbrothers

      Feather is a hermit, he likes to be alone but wouldn’t be objecting to spending it with someone, he was a forgesmith behind the scenes

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      Serena Isabella and Alysha Orion are no longer available

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      I would be interested in writing with you, if you have time.

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      I am also interested. I don’t necessarily expect compensation, but just DM me all the facts of a random one and I’ll see what I can write for you.


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      My apologies for such a late response, Delta, this evening, we can talk about it and figure out who we can pair together

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      Also Blue is no longer an available option

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